I like the naturally seductive makeup, which subtly emphasizes the feminine glamour. I always want to highlight your beauty, whether you prefer a bolder distinctive style or fine nude makeup. The intensity and style is up to you, you´ll always look great.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions


When is the best time to make a booking?

We recommend to book as soon as possible after setting the date of the wedding and the trial make-up about four weeks before the wedding (the best booking for the trial make-up about 2-3 months before the wedding), but it can be arranged in any way according to your needs.

Would you do my hair as well?

Yes, if you did not agree with your own hairdresser, I can do your hair myself. I am also working with a team of creative hairdressers who specialize in wedding hairstyles. Especially when it comes to a big wedding, where you will need to do make-up and hairstyles to mothers, bridesmaids and other ladies, I highly recommend you to book our well-coordinated team.

What is included in the price?

The price includes test hairstyle and makeup at my studio – Letohradská 57, Praha 7, all services on your wedding day and transport in Prague. Regarding supplements, of course there are decent lashes or clumps, or hair accessories. In case of hair clip in extensions usually cater to brides themselves, we can recommend a reliable supplier http://Goldhair.cz

What can I do to look beautiful on my wedding day?

In any case, I highly recommend you start with intensive care by a beautician, who adjusts and colours eyebrows, recommends hydrating mask, peeling and even all the appropriate care so your skin looks smooth and radiant on the wedding day, then your makeup will look fabulous just before the wedding again visit your beautician and you´ll look great.

I recommend http://Pletovy-servis.cz

The test make-up session

The test is very important, not only to arrange style of makeup and hair, but also to discuss skin care and hair so they are on the D-day in the best possible condition. We recommend that you wash your hair the night before the test, or in the morning, avoid using any hair spray, leave-in conditioner and straightening products, everything you need is to be agreed at the test session.

TIP: The test session can be well before a social event or even as part of a pre-wedding photo boudoir shoot – in this case, let us know and we will help you with this and you will have a nice surprise for the groom on the wedding day.


I would like to do a professional photo shoot, but I´ve never stood in front of a camera…

Absolutely no worries. I work with great photographers, who will guide you, you will look attractive, relaxed and at ease. The results are always perfect. You can also bring a friend or friends, spend a nice day and you leave with beautiful photos.

Where does the photo shoot take place?

If you have your photographer and you just want to let me do your hair and makeup, I can get basically anywhere. If you decide to work with our team, we can arrange either a photo shoot at home, but it depends on the disposition of light, or in a beautiful studio, which is directly equipped with furniture and accessories for portrait and boudoir photography.

What should I bring with me?

Clothing in which you feel comfortable and fits you fine, preferably plain or simple patterns, prints and different signs usually do not look so good. Also, bring beautiful underwear, stockings, jewellery, pearls and elegant heels, subtle tone inn tone, such as pale pink, pale blue, cream, beige, golden, black and white look great. On a family photo bring a nice pair of jeans, a white shirt or undershirt, you can be photographed all in white, or even in the striped shirt … for more information you can contact the photographer Ella Roman Placek – www.truephotography.com

How to prepare for a photo shoot?

Do not underestimate drinking a lot of water for your skin and have your nails done and eyebrows coloured, do not underestimate the colour of your hair as well. Hydrate your skin well, I also recommend a good scrub and mask, and not to forget…a good sleep the night before the photo shoot.


I would like to learn how to do a pretty makeup to work and for social occasions

…Let´s become a stylist for yourself! The course duration depends on your abilities and needs, everything is based on the agreement, you learn to do "everyday" make up as well as the makeup for special occasions, learn all the tricks and methods. I can help you to equip your cosmetic bag.

For professional training for stylists I recommend in MAKEUP INSTITUTE PRAGUE, where you can also meet me as a teacher.


Price list


7000 CZK
Includes trial session in studio (3000 CZK) + wedding day at your place (4000 CZK), transport in Prague.

❤️❤️THE MOST POPULAR SERVICE - bridal glam + 2 guests = 9900 CZK

Our glam team is looking forward to you - if you have a bigger bridal party, our team of the experienced makeup artists 6and hairstylists is ready.


3500 CZK/person
Includes trial session in studio (1500 CZK) + wedding day at your place (2000 CZK), transport in Prague.


2800 - 3500 CZK
No trial session:)
In the studio - Prague 7, Letohradská 58 - 2800 CZK
At your place - 3500 CZK


600 - 2500 CZK/person
Together with the bridal service:
Simple makeup, short hair (max 30 min) - 600 CZK
Simple makeup, simple hairstyle, medium hair (60 min) - 1500 CZK
Full glam makeup, complex hairstyle (90-120 min) - 2000 -2500CZK
The service has to be specified in advance.
Service for the guest only (without bridal package):
+ 400 CZK (the price also in case of service fulfilled by another member of glam team)


600 - 1500CZK
The service has to be specified in advance.
Simple makeup, no lashes (30 min) - 600 CZK
Full glam makeup (incl. lashes) - 1000 CZK
Service for the guest only (without bridal package):
+ 400 CZK (the price also in case of service fulfilled by another member of glam team)


600 - 1500 CZK
The price includes waves or a simple hair-up and the price is calculated according to the demands of the hairstyle.
The service has to be specified in advance.
Service for the guest only (without bridal package) - + 400 CZK


from 1500 CZK
Including hairstyle, the price is calculated according the specifications.

In the studio http://Jhfoto.cz
- 1500 CZK

At your place - from 2000 CZK


2500 - 3000 CZK
An evening prom makeup and hairstyle - 120 min

In the studio - 2500 CZK
At your place - 3000 CZK


2000 - 3000 CZK
Individual lesson - makeup

consultation with makeup (2 hours) = 2000 CZK

consultation with training (3 - 4 hours) = 3000 CZK

About me

My name is Simona and I have worked as a stylist in Prague since 2004. I take care of the beautiful appearance of many women, I love my job and I give all my clients the best care. In addition to working with photographers, my focus is especially on wedding makeup and social makeup. In addition, I work as a lecturer in the school of professional courses in makeup MAKEUP INSTITUTE PRAGUE, where I and my colleagues will be happy to teach you if you want to become a professional make-up artist or you are interested in make-up and want to learn how to do it just for fun.